Our Goal

To light the lamps of our future lamplighters.

To empower the children and grow an appreciation for our Rebbe.

To SALUTE and unify Lubavitcher Anash Kids from all over Southern California.

To join together for an inspiring weekend of Chassidishkeit and FUN!

Our Committee and participating Moisdois. 

Founder & Director, KYY

Rabbi DB Chaiton

Youth Director

Srula Chaiton
Administration, Ezras Noshim
Chief Rabbi T

Bainany Director

Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum

Principal, Cheder Menachem 

JJ Duchman


Rabbi Hecht
Kol Avraham Kids, Bais Betzalel 
Mrs. Leah Fradkin 
Chabad Hebrew Academy San Diego
Mrs. Racheli Muchnik
Lamplighters School
Mrs. Bukiet and Ms. Raichik
Bais Chaya Mushka
Mrs. Geula Newman
Bais Rebbe Jr. High
Rabbi Zajac
Chabad SOLA


How long is the program?

It may just be a few days, but we'll give you memories that will last you a LIFETIME :)

The program starts on Friday afternoon, January 15th/5 Shvat at 4 and will last until Motzei Shabbos!

Who is the program for?

THE SHUL FOR THE KIDS, BY THE KIDS! That's right. In our opinion - KIDS RULE and that's why this program is geared torwards our children! All Ezras Anoshim and Noshim through 8th grade from all over Southern California and the West Coast will gather in Hancock Park, to spend a Shabbos of Chizuk and Leadership together! 


More specifically, which grade is this for?

3-8th grade will be a full time program! From Friday afternoon welcome and Shabbos davening through Motzei Shabbos concert and farewell, there will be many incredible programs. 


Pre1-2nd boys (Bainany kids) - We will not be providing hosting for this age kids. If however you live in the Hancock Park area, there will be programs for the Bainany's. This program will include the Friday afternoon program, Shabbos morning program and the large catered Shabbos Seuda (after which they will need to be picked up) and the Motzei Shabbos GRAND event!! 

Where will we be staying?

On roofs and in bathtubs, of course...


JUST KIDDING - The Unzere Kinder Housing Committee will be organizing homes for your children to stay with warm, loving and caring hosts within the Hancock Park community. 

Children do have the option to organize their host on their own; simply let us know in the registration form! 

Where will we be eating?

Great question - and don't worry you will be well fed!!

Friday night you will be joining your hosts for a Shabbos meal. Enjoying the sense of community and sharing the experience with members of the community. 

The Shabbos day seuda will be held in Moshe Ganz Hall for all children registered in the Shabbaton weekend! 

What will be going on?

The better questions is what WON"T be going on!!

The weekend will be full of FUN and INSPIRATION, jam packed with WORKSHOPS and INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES! From start to finish, you will have the time of you life!


Oh, and we can't forget the smashing ending - stay tuned!!

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