"My Rebbe" Project Contest

In anticipation to SoCal’s 1st-ever ‘Unzere Kinder’ Children’s Convention we are pleased to announce the “My Rebbe” project; highlighting each child’s connection to the Rebbe.

Some examples:

  • Going on Mivtzoim

  • Thinking of the Rebbe

  • Listening or learning some of the Rebbe’s niggunim

  • Learning from the Rebbe’s Torah

  • Learning about Moshiach

  • Watching a Video of the Rebbe

  • Reading stories about the Rebbe

  • Doing something the Rebbe would want us to do

Children have the choice to submit one of 3 projects:


Produce a 2-3 minute video, where children act out a storyline that highlights their connection/dedication to the Rebbe. Children can join with other children or work as a solo act. The project requires filming & editing talents.


Prepare and present a poster that displays the child’s connection to the Rebbe. The poster can be made a collage of pictures or as a drawing; with crayons, markers or even as a painting. A maximum of two (2) children are allowed to work on a single poster.


Learn a Sicha or Ma’amar of the Rebbe (preferably although not exclusively) and write a summary of the material learned. Children can learn on their own, with a parent or with another child, bechavrusa.

All entries must be submitted no later than Wednesday, the 7th of Shevat (Jan 8th). Entries can be emailed to Srula@KolYaakovYehuda.com or dropped off at 356 N. Fuller Ave. bet. Oakwood & Beverly.

A panel of 3 judges will vet each entry, where the top three entries will be awarded one of 3 valuable prizes:

1st place will be awarded a $100 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us

2nd Place will be awarded a set of Seforim

3rd Place will be awarded a $64 Gift Certificate to the Apple Store

Additionally, every submission will receive a special gift for their efforts.

For any questions, feel free to email us at Srula@KolYaakovYehuda.com

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