Thank you for opening your home to our guests!



Dear Hosts,

We thank you for your kindness!

Here is the schedule of the weekend and where you come into play!


3:00 p.m. The children/guests will begin coming to your home. By

3:45 p.m. the girls should be brought to KYY and

4:00 p.m. the boys to Kanner Hall!

The girls will be bentching licht together.

Boys grade 1-5/Girls grade 3-8: Enjoy a delicious Shabbos meal together with YOU, their host!

Our program is scheduled to match the shul ending time. If you would like to make Kiddush before 6, this would be possible! We suggest that you pick up your guests to ensure this possibility. Otherwise, we will walk your guests home.

(Please let your guest know if you plan on making Kiddush by 6)

Boys grade 6-8th grade will be having Seudas Shabbos together with Rabbi and Mrs. Weinbaum at Abba's & will be brought to your home after their meal.

Girls grade 6-8 will join together for a Farbrengen after the meal at the Greenbaum Home by 8:30. The walking chaperons will pick them up from your home approx 8:15


Breakfast is with YOU the hosts!

(Optional Chassidus in the morning for Boys/Girls separately at 9 in CLY/KYY)

The entire Ezras Anoshim and Noshim will be meeting for davening at 10 a.m. in Kanner Hall. Your guests will leave your house in the morning and will only come back after Shabbos.

Please pick up your guest after Shabbos from the Shaarei Tefilla parking lot (at 6:00) and bring them back to Shaarei Tefilla at 7:15/7:30 p.m. Please

make sure they have something to eat and pack up. Dinner will not be served at the event.

The kids will pack up and bring their things to the concert, from where they will be picked up!

Thank you!!

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