A word from our parents!

Here are some of the thank you letters we recieved! What Chayos we get from hearing such besuros toivois!!!

Dear all of the organizers of the shabbaton, Thank you very much for arranging such a beautiful, meaningful, and fun Shabbos for our children. Both my son and daughter came home Motzei Shabbos and shared with us what an amazing time they had, and how well the program was run. We know this was not an easy task. To organize, supervise, feed, entertain, so many children and have it done so well was only due to your tremendous dedication and care. We are truly appreciative and we are sure we speak for many. Wishing you much energy and good health to continue on your Shlichus in helping to raise the next generation of chassidishe children. Long Beach

Yasher Koach for putting together a wonderful weekend Shabbaton for our children, the great detail that was put into it is greatly appreciated. We understand that things don’t happen by itself and it takes a tremendous amount of time and organization to get it all done. We appreciate it tremendously, and may Hashem Bentch you and your families with tremendous Brocha, Gezunt, Parnasa Beharchava, Arichus Yomim VShonim Tovim!

I am sure you are received much positive feedback from Parents in regard to this past shabbos "unzere kinder" shabbaton

I Wanted to send you a quick big YASHER KOIACH for the wonderful program that you pulled off.

My children were very hesitant to go (for some reason) but the entire car ride home they couldn't stop telling about how great and energetic the entire shabbos was and how much they enjoyed (and as Shluchim for them to see and feel of what it meas to be the Rebbe's kinder)

I know you have brought our Rebbe much nachas. May you and your family receive much brochah bakol, mikoy, kol.

Another proud parent.

I just wanted to say thank you for organizing such an incredible shabbaton! My boys had a blast :)

I can't even imagine how much work went into it.. Kol hakavod!

All the positive feelings & inspiration the kids came away with is credit to the Unzere Kinder Committee!

Thank you for creating this magnificent event and giving 2 Shluchim boys (who don't have many friends to play with in Shabbas) a wonderful time! May Hashem continue to bentch you and your family with Nachas, health and simcha.

We wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU so much for the incredible opportunity you gave our boys to make yud Shvat such a special and memorable day!! We could only imagine how many hours upon hours you have spent to make this happen! We r so extremely grateful to you:) We were so impressed with how organized everything was and the communication with us- parents was great!! Thanks again and may hashem bentch you all with only good! And moshiach now:)

Thank u soo soo much and a huge

Yasher Koach

Mendel had a fantastic Time

And said it was amazingggg !!

Thanks and kol hakavod !!

Thank you for a wonderful program. And especially for including my younger daughter! When I picked her up Motzei shabbos, she said it was her best day!

Thank you so much for an incredible weekend you gave our son! He loved every moment and it was such a great opportunity to be together with so many Chabad kids! My son stayed at the Tenenbaum family (Chaya Duchman) and said he had a great time. Thanks again for an amazing Shabbos.

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