Dear Anash...

Dear Anash families

As you all know, Shabbos Yud Shvat, we had the tremendous zechus to uplift and energize our Unzere Kinder. Words cannot describe the hatzlocha this convention had.

I am humbled with the incredible zechus knowing that we brought vast amounts of nachas Ruach to our Commander in Chief - our Rebbe.

Never in our wildest expectations did we expect the hatzlocha of this peula. The learning, the Davening, the workshops, the seuda, the simcha and all!

This could never have happened without YOU!!!!! Our Kehilla Kadoish! YOU can be very proud knowing that you were part of an event that will benefit the life of Unzere Kinder in their Chassidishkeit!

We thank you, we honor you and we salute you!

As a community let us all unite and make a hachlota that this is just the beginning!!

Together we can make a difference in these kinderlach's lives.

Please check out our blog for THANK YOU"S to all those who helped make this weekend a reality (and success!!)

I close this letter with a salute to the bo'i bakoach of the Ezras Noshim division of our shul and the coordinator of Kol Yakov Yehuda, Srula Chaiton.

Until our next peula,


Founder and Director of Kol Yakov Yehuda

"The Shul for the kids, by the Kids"

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