An attest to the great success!!

Dear Duchman's,

For the incredible build-up, for the big postcards and the bigger banners and the biggest smile while recruiting at the carpool line, for the action-packed schedule, for the program oriented down to the detai-details, for the terrific welcome-packages, for the obscure Niggun my Sholomke came home singing, for the voices he and Chaim Meir lost over the Shabbaton, for the fun and exuberant concert, for the fact that they came home and without exception said that they had a great time, for the wristbands they're still wearing, for the new Lcho Dodi tune they learned, for taking their safety as seriously as their excitement, and for taking a great dream and making it a reality (and that while only asking $36 a kid): thank you, thank you!!

Many Chassidim wish themselves "mzol zocheh zein oisfiren di kavana" and some Chassidim "firin es ois" while everyone else is wishing.

Super job, thanks again.

Eli and Shaini Friedman

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